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Video Marketing Creation

The consumption of commercial videos continues to rise rapidly, across almost all types of audiences and markets, so a strong online video presence is essential.

More than 75% of consumers trusts the content that is delivered to them visually, as opposed to other mediums. Close to two-thirds of consumers have bought a product online as a direct result of watching a video, whilst 90% claim that some form of video content has influenced a purchasing decision that they have made.

As digital consumers continue to crave video content for inspiration, information and entertainment, your brand needs to ensure that it is producing content in the medium that your audiences demand.

The next question is – what sort of marketing video should I go for?

There is a vast array of options here: explainer videos, voice-over or interview, CGI, professional presenter or real-world voices, product demo, virtual tour video, scripted or not-scripted, a studio or on-location setting. These are just a few of the possibilities but making the right choice for your organisation is key to engaging your audience and getting a return on your video investment.

Some of our latest work



Format: Corporate video
Martial art equipment manufacturer and official sponsor for Taekwondo and Karate
#Dynamic #cool
World Taekwondo

World Taekwondo

Format: Live production recap show
World governing body for the Olympic sport Taekwondo
#Grand Prix #Taekwondo #Recapshow
Daedo Karate

Daedo Karate

Format: Product showcase, TV, animation
Olympic official supplier – Karate equipment product line
#Tokyo2020 #Daedo #Karate
World Taekwondo & BBC

World Taekwondo & BBC

Format: engagement
Sport entertainment – Quiz interactions via social media, apps and live show seated audience.
#Quiz #Engage #WTshow #Taekwondo #BBC
United Nations & Sport promotion

United Nations & Sport promotion

Format: Documentary, collaboration, peace
Peace of 2 nations through video – South and North Korea – United nations work humanitarian contribution.
#Onetaekwondo #Oneworld #peace #Sports #Taekwondo

Why Choose Us?

Amplify Your brands Story with Video
You’ve honed your message, now get an amazing video experience to your customers. Using the latest production and animation techniques, we take your brand message from initial storyboard, all the way through to the final cut. Filming, editing and postproduction all come together in creating a multi-channel, multi-device video campaign suited to modern digital audiences.
Smart videos
Reach out to all your audiences where they are, on social media platforms, and maximizing your impact with marketing automations, stats and systems. You will get the insights and performance with our review content system. There will be video analytics produced for deeper insights for you to make better decisions. Videos will be formatted, edited and optimized for each network platform.
Dynamic Videos
Deliver immersive video experiences that will woe your customers delivering, in turn, more views, reach a wider audience with deeper engagement and higher conversion rates. We can create interactive video experiences on all portals, social media channels, develop video-centric landing pages with live streaming of events with statistics and live data in minutes.
Video Strategy
We will listen to your needs, spend time understanding your products, services and customers, and from there we will guide you in choosing the right form of video for your objectives. No fads or fashions, just for the sake of it – but a style, format and concept that will fit your brand and the messages you need to convey.

Some of clients:

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