The Significance of Customer Experience

The Significance of Customer Experience

The Significance of Customer Experience

As we look to draw a line under 2018, we reflect on the year and in particular the things that really took off (there’s a clue in the title)!!

Customer experience has been at the heart of all digital activities. Businesses that have invested in creating outstanding design, content and memorable experiences have outperformed their peers, according to a report produced by Adobe. The organisations that have applied a multi-channel approach, with consistent integration between marketing platforms have been the most successful. Combining digital marketing skills, across numerous platforms has enabled businesses to harness the power of other networks and communities, providing a more joined-up approach.

Traditional ‘pushed marketing’ (sell, sell, sell!) methods have proven to be a slower and less effective way of winning over the customer.  Businesses now, more than ever, need to adapt their strategy to create ‘pull marketing’ opportunities (eg helping the customer have a more human-focused and personalised experience prior to sale). Companies such as Uber and air BnB are excellent examples of this.

We’ve seen social media grow exponentially against all predictions. The changes to the Facebook algorithm has made it harder for businesses to reach consumers organically, creating a need for better content and consumer experiences, as well as bigger budgets for social spend. In order for businesses to secure the additional funding, there has become a greater demand for results and analytical data in order to prove the return on investment. Latest stats from Statista show that there are now over 2.5 billion active social media users worldwide, with growth expected to continue year on year. This explains why social media features high on the agenda for many top performing organisations.

In order to deliver such amazing customer experiences, it’s clear you must first understand your target audience and the multitude of touch-points available to them, on and offline. The most successful companies of 2018 have invested in insight to build a greater representation of their target audiences. Understanding consumer personas, buying journeys and motivations to purchase all help in achieving the answers to the very important question of ‘how do we sell more?’

From the review carried out by Adobe, we have learnt that many of the top performing companies have focused their efforts on;

  • Social media engagement
  • Content marketing
  • Targeting and personalisation
  • Customer journey management
  • Video content
  • Brand building

If you’re interested in growing your business in 2019 and creating outstanding customer experiences then get in touch at . Our specialist teams are on hand to help you with excellent design, digital, web and strategic expertise.

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